My Yarns

I have been crocheting for a few months now and I have found that not all yarns are created equal.  I have my favorites that I use and others I buy for special one time projects.

I love Bernat Blanket yarn it is soft and cozy. Down fall is the price at $10 a Skien which makes my relaxing craft an expensive and stressful craft. There are ways to avoid the high costs. Sales are helpful but the best ways are coupons.

When it comes to an everyday worsted weight I prefer Red Heart. It is inexpensive and comes in a variety of colors. It isn’t the softest of yarns but you can change that with fabric softener. 

As I use more yarns I am sure I will make more opinions but as of now I love my Red Heart worsted weight yarn.


Learning to Crochet

I am the type of person that enjoys many kinds of crafts. I  enjoy collage making and scrap-booking. I like sewing clothing, house items and toys.  I like refinishing furniture and home decorating.  I am a cake decorator at my place of work and I have been do this for 15 years. I enjoy making all types of art but I will really say that crocheting (once you get the muscle memory down) is true easy.

I started my new project about four days ago. It has been quite the adventure. I had never crocheted before But I have found my new addiction. Crocheting is honestly the simplest craft I have ever done. You just need yarn and a hook and you are ready to go. Well almost. You do need to know what you are doing. But with the world wide web at your fingertips it is very simple to learn.

I am a very visual person but I wasn’t able to pay for a class at Michael’s, or Hobby Lobby so I opted for a different visual teacher. Youtube.  There were many videos to help me along.  I opted for searching “Crocheting an afghan” and I found many videos.

I also found a pocket guide at Walmart for $5.  this has pictures and explanations of the stitches, as well as the abbreviations the patterns have.  I have found it very helpful.

I can do this almost anywhere. I take it with me to work and do a few line on lunch and just yesterday I added five lines to the afghan I am making My partner sitting in the waiting room at her dentist office.

One thing that makes me sad is the softer the yarn the more expensive. The yarn I am using is $9.99 a skien!  I have been doing some research on finding a Cheaper way of doing my new found favorite craft. That will be my next Blog entry.  I will tell you how we all can save some money with this amazing and rewarding craft.